Total _ Lockdown _ from _ 10th _ May _ to _ 30th _ May

There have been many unconfirmed social media reports that the Kuwait government will mandate a country-wide 24/7 lockdown of Kuwait starting May 9, 2020 after the repatriations of Kuwaiti citizens has been completed
It is our understanding from these reports that both the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense have presented their plans and recommendations to the Kuwaiti Cabinet in reference to a complete lockdown of Kuwait for at least 14 days
We do expect there tol be some announcements made in the coming days that will most likely address further movement restrictions within Kuwait. At minimum we expect the curfew hours to be extended by a further 2 hours and possibly additional neighborhoods to be placed under lockdown (e.g. Farwaniya and Khaytan).With Mahboula and Jleeb still under a full lockdown, if wider restrictions are implemented, residents will most likely be permitted to move around within their neighborhoods during non-curfew hours in order to buy essentials within their respective neighborhoods

Ensure you have identified your critical staff and have obtained the required curfew permits
Advise workforce on the following to be ready to shelter in place:
Essential food supplies for at least 3 weeks
Adequate medical supplies to deal with minor ailments at home
Have important documents copied (including soft copies) and in known location.

,Have emergency numbers programmed in your phone
Stay in regular contact with friends and colleagues
Adhere to local authorities instructions and directions
Know how to place online orders
Make sure your bank account is in order and keep some emergency cash with you
Inform supervisor should you become COVID-19 positive