ICAP کے زیر اہتمام پوسٹ بجٹ کانفرنس 2019 کا کامیاب انعقاد

ICAP Organizes Post Budget Conference 2019 – The First Ever of Its kind
ICAP organized the Post Budget Conference 2019 with nation-wide live transmission coNnectivity. The event, organized by the Southern and Northern Regional Committees of ICAP, was attended by the top management of renowned national and multinational organizations along with many young accountants

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Mr. Ashfaque Tola, Chairman Fiscal Laws Committee, welcomed the guests and expressed his gratitude at being able to host such a unique event. Mr. Asif Haroon, Partner A. F. Ferguson & Co. began the discussion on Direct Taxation and discussed the steps taken by the Government of Pakistan to impose tax on its citizens
This high level dialogue was then followed by a panel discussion throughout the three stations, which was moderated by Mohammad Zulfiqar Akhtar in Karachi, Rana Usman in Lahore, and Jenan Zeb Amin in Islamabad. Participants included; Mr. Saqib Masood, Partner and National Head of Tax, KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co., Haider Patel, Partner EY Ford Rhodes, Mr. Asif Haroon, Partner A. F. Ferguson & Co, Habib Fakhruddin, Senior Partner, Ammir Alam Khan & Co. and Imran Hafeez, Partner Grant Thornton Anjuman & Co. The discussion deliberated the impacts of the stringent tax measures taken by the government this year

and the panelists expressed hope that this would surely improve the taxation system of the country
Mr. Asim Zulfiqar, Partner A. F. Ferguson & Co. discussed the implications of indirect taxation on the country. In his presentation Mr. Asim, outlined the changes in tax rates across multiple industries. After this high level dialogue, a panel discussion was held on indirect taxation proposed in Budget 2019. Mr. Rafqat Husain, Partner Rafqat Husain & Co, Naeem Akhtar Shaikh, Partner UHY Hasan & Co., Mr. Mohammad Raza, Partner A. F. Ferguson, and Mr. Asim Zulfiqar Ali, Partner A. F. Ferguson & Co. The panelists deliberated upon the actions taken by the government
Mr. Saqib Sherani, Economist and Former Economic Advisor, Ministry of Finance, presented his views on the impact of the Budget on Businesses and his outlook on macroeconomic growth. He spoke about the challenges faced by the Pakistan economy, brushing upon the fact that the tax challenges burdens the formal sector, along with the regional disparities which needs to be addressed. He stated that Budget 2019 has tried to address these issues

The presentation was followed by a panel discussion comprising of Mr. Asad Ali Shah, Past President, ICAP, Mr. Wamiq Zuberi, CEO – Business Recorder Group, Mr. Siraj Teli, Past President – Karachi Chamber of Commerce, Zubair Motiwala, Past President – Karachi Chamber of Commerce, and Chairman Council of All Pakistan Textile Association as panelists. The panelists discussed the impact the current economic situation will have on the poverty and employment situation of the country, along with the other economic implications currently in play
Mr. Jafar Husain, President ICAP welcome Dr. Hafiz Sheikh – Advisor to the Prime Minister on Finance and Economic Affairs, and Mr. Shabbar Zaidi, Chairman FBR to the event, and stated that ICAP’s post budget seminar is a platform to discuss the important features of the budget while providing significant feedback to the government.

Mr. Shabbar Zaidi stated, “The first question as accountants that we have to ask is, is there a potential or not? Yes, there is immense potential. The target is high no, doubt, but we are trying to put those sectors under more vigilance, where there has been avoidance and evasion of taxes.” He further stated, “1600 tariff lines have been reduced to zero rated to encourage locally produced items.” He ended his speech by saying that, “we are ready to correct any anomaly that may be present in the budget and are always ready to listen to positive criticism that will help improve the budget.”
Dr. Hafiz Sheikh, honorable Chief Guest of the event in his address to the audience said, “We have tried to put together a budget which we think reflects the demand of the times, and provides a framework for stabilizing the economy and then moving on to have platform for growth.” Towards the end mementos were distributed to Dr. Hafiz Sheikh, and Mr. Shabbar Zaidi, which was followed by a vote of thanks by Mr. Ashfaque Tola, who thanked the guests and his entire team for making this event a success